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Immersive Technology

Immersive Technology

Industry 4.0 Based AR VR MR Solutions

We provide a full suite of immersive training solutions that not only transform training but also deliver measurable business impact.


Our mission-based training scenarios are designed to develop employee expertise in key skills through hands-on practice in hyper-real immersive environments, emergency & hazardous situations.

With AR/VR/MR training, we enhance training standards and give scalable, robust, and efficient concepts on a broad scale.

Immersive training methods have become more popular, particularly those that target result-driven strategies.

Technology Overview

Augmented Reality

AR overlays digital information onto the real world, such as instructions for repairing a piece of equipment. This can be used to train workers without having to take them to the actual location of the equipment, which can be dangerous or time-consuming.

Virtual Reality

VR creates a fully immersive virtual environment, such as a simulated oil rig. This can be used to train workers on complex procedures or to give them experience in dangerous or hazardous situations.

MR combines AR and VR, allowing users to interact with both the real and virtual worlds. This can be used to train workers on how to use equipment in a real-world setting, while also providing them with the safety of a virtual environment.

Mixed Reality

Solutions and Services

VR Simulation Training

We create a virtual replica of the equipment unit in an immersive environment, allowing field service technicians to interact with a realistic representation of the equipment. VR simulates various training scenarios, incorporating haptic feedback and realistic physics, to train personnel in well control techniques, equipment handling, and complex procedures.

Health & Safety Training

HSE VR training increases engagement, improved retention of information, and the ability to train employees in a safe and controlled environment. HSE training in AR, VR, and MR can help organizations to create safer and healthier work environments and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.


Our VR-enabled 360 Virtual tour & walkthrough are new age tool to make you have a feel of the place without actually being there, we offers customize interfaces with 2D–3D Geo-Referenced maps, floor plans, animation, hotspots, pop-ups, and Videos, which creates immersive walkthrough experience of your facility.


MR can be used to allow workers to remotely access and interact with equipment in the field. This can be used to troubleshoot problems, perform maintenance, or provide training to workers on the ground.


We create hyper realistic 1-to-1 digital replicas, identical to real-life counterparts of physical objects, system, operations and assets and entire environments, 3D designed to accurate real-life visual and functional properties, visual quality and capabilities, usability, responses and interactions


AR overlay equipment specifications, maintenance procedures, and historical performance data onto physical assets, improving field technicians' situational awareness during inspection and maintenance activities. It enables technicians to interact with digital representations of equipment, visualize hidden components, and access real-time diagnostic information, enhancing maintenance efficiency and reducing downtime.


XR technologies have the potential to transform how we work, learn, entertain, and interact with our world, offering numerous benefits across a wide range of industries and applications. 

XR offers a wide range of benefits across various industries and applications.

Faster Training

Improved Safety

Increased Efficiency

Accurate KPIs

Reduced Errors

Reduced Training Costs

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